ART-131: Digital Photography I

Introduces the use of the digital SLR camera, lighting, and composition; digital techniques for image processing, making digital prints; print finishing and presentation. Emphasis upon the use of the photographic process as an artistic medium. Student must have a digital SLR camera with at least 10-megapixel resolution, histogram display, RAW file format and manual capability (adjustable shutter speeds and lens openings).

ART-180: Computer Literacy for Design

In this course students will become knowledgeable about how to use the computer as a tool for design solutions. Students will explore basic design principles with typography and image manipulation. Students will work with their own art and images to learn how to efficiently and economically scan, manipulate, digitize, organize, design, and print their own artwork with the computer. Students will learn basics of the editing software Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and web design software. Successful completion of this course demonstrates technology fluency requirements.

ART-230: Digital Photography II

The emphasis in this course will vary by semester through exploration of different photographic techniques and processes. The student will work to achieve distinctive personal style for portfolio development.

Required Prerequisites

ART-242: Graphic Design and Typography

This course provides students an intensive introduction into the fundamental principles of graphic design and typography with an emphasis on the relationship between form and communication as a means to visual problem-solving. The focus will be on developing the ability to skillfully manipulate communicative tools such as hierarchy, typography, color, composition, scale, and rhythm, to visually communicate a message in a meaningful and powerful way. Visual explorations take place through the creation of theoretical and applied projects, which are designed to aid in the development of a working creative process. These assignments will be supplemented by short readings, lectures, critiques and class discussions aimed at fostering critical engagement with the visual work produced in class, as well as providing an introduction to graphic design theory and history.

Required Prerequisites

ART-360: Interactive Design

This course explores the technical and conceptual a series of problem-solving processes. The course stresses the basics of web graphic and interactive web-based environments that demonstrate an understanding of navigation, design, usability, and functionality within a creative framework. Emphasis will be placed on the research and development of effective graphic interfaces and information architecture. Students will explore ways that animation/interactive design and digital imaging can complement experiences in various disciplines.

Required Prerequisites