BUS-250: Applied Data Analysis for Business, Decisions

The managerial use of statistical concepts and methods to address real world business problems. Emphasis is placed on the utilization of quantitative methods as applied to business decision making and operations. Applications of technology for data analysis and management will be included as an integral part. Prerequisites: 3 credits in ACC/BUS/ECO recommended and one math course-must be MAT-175 or an equivalent statistics course.

BUS-303: Management & Organiz Behavior

An analysis of individual and work group characteristics and those organizational factors which allow an organization to be managed more effectively. Topics include management theory and function, motivation and reward systems, and leadership practice, with a major emphasis on business ethics and ethical decision-making. Not open to freshmen.

BUS-305: Management Information Systems

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the vocabulary needed to understand information systems, and the skills necessary to use such systems to support business activities. The course also explores how information technology helps to achieve competitive advantage and improve decision making across business processes. Features of spreadsheets, databases, and other appropriate software will be used. Prerequisites: 6 hours of ACC/BUS courses. Not open to freshmen.

BUS-360: Principles of Marketing

An introduction to the principles, institutions, and techniques associated with the distribution of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. Not open to freshmen.

BUS-362: Social Media Marketing

An examination of the social media marketing tools that can be used to engage with customers through integrated marketing communications channels. This course provides the knowledge and insights required to establish objectives and strategies, properly select and integrate social media platforms to engage consumers, and monitor and measure the results of these efforts. Topics will also explore the integration of other digital marketing tools such as search engine optimization, business-to-business digital marketing, and mobile marketing.