COM-316: PR Techniques

In this course, students will learn a range of tools PR practitioners use in their day-to-day activities in preparing materials for print, broadcast and online media. Students will also gain skills in managing media relations, crisis situations, and event planning.

COM-350: Business and Professional Communication

The nature of communication theory and practice in business and professional settings. Development of individual, dyadic, group, and organizational communication proficiencies. Supervisory/subordinate and peer communication, active listening, group communication, and presentational speaking. Pre-requisite: COM-225.

COM-365: Digital Media Convergence

Convergence is the blending of text, sounds, still and motion images in the media environment to create integrated media. This course features units on visual literacy, photo editing, audio processing, video editing and web publishing. Students learn theories of audio and visual aesthetics and produce individual content for the web.

COM-380: Interactive & Social Media

This course focuses on developing Social Media content for information sharing, branding, and marketing. Along with readings and discussion of research regarding interactive and social media, students will develop their own social media presence and writing.

COM-480: Interpersonal Communication Internship

Supervised experience in business or governmental institutions where work is related to student interest in communication disciplines. Provides students with the opportunity to gain practical, professional experience in conjunction with their academic development. Limited to junior or senior majors in the Communication department with a 2.000 or higher GPA. For 3 credit hours, the student must work 120 hours total over the course of the semester in a single location at an approved site.