Computer Studies


CS-110: Ethics & Information Technology

Discussion of the ethical and legal issues created by the introduction of information technology into every day life. Codes of ethics for computer users. Topics may include, but are not limited to, information ownership, individual privacy, computer crime, communications and freedom of expression, encryption and security.

CS-120: Spreadsheets

Introduction to and development of skills in the creation and use of spreadsheets. The student will also learn how to set up and create graphs from spreadsheets and to create macros. Extensive use of microcomputer software such as Excel.

CS-121: Spreadsheets II

This course is a continuation of CS-120. Students will learn how to use Excel as a practical business tool with in-depth use of formulas and functions and efficient worksheet and workbook design. Some topics in Excel databases and the creation of simple macros will also be covered. 

Required Prerequisites

CS-120 or competency in spreadsheets

CS-140: Databases

Creating a database structure, entering and updating data, generating reports based on querying the database. This course includes a project. Hands-on use of software such as MS Access.

CS-156: Web Site Design and Management

This course requires extensive use of HTML and CSS to create web pages and web sites. Specific topics and techniques include: text, images, links, tables, forms, multi-media, layout, and responsive design.

CS-230: Web Programming with Databases

This course focuses on the server side of client server programming for the Web, especially database programming. There will be a study of fundamentals of databases including normalization and security, and students will apply this knowledge to real web database applications. Current tools: JavaScript (prerequisite),PHP (programming language), SQL (Structured Query Language). 

Required Prerequisites

CS-140CS-156 and CS-190 with a minimum grade of C or better