Degree Requirements

Academic Advising

Each graduate student will be assisted by the Program Director/Advisor in planning his or her program of study from beginning to completion.

Graduate Degree Requirements

These requirements apply to all students who wish to receive a master’s degree from the John E. Weems Graduate School:

  • A student may not apply more than six credit hours of C grades toward her/his degree.
  • A student must complete requirements for her/his degree within six calendar years, starting when the first graduate- level course was taken, including transfer courses. A request for an extension must be made to the Program Director.
  • A student must complete a culminating activity, designed to integrate the knowledge, skills, competencies and values addressed in each program. Activities that meet this requirement are specified and administered by each program.
  • A student who has completed all coursework toward the degree but still needs to complete other degree requirements must be registered for one credit hour per semester. This is accomplished by registering for course 800, which carries no graduate degree credit.
  • Limits on the maximum number of graduate courses or credit hours that may be applied to the degree requirements are established by each program.
  • A student may not apply more than six credit hours of transfer credit to a degree program.
  • A student may not apply more than six credit hours of graduate credit taken at Meredith as a Post-Baccalaureate Study student toward degree requirements.*
  • All prerequisites and foundation courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

*Lateral entry and Early MAT students may apply up to twelve (12) PBS hours to their degree.

Special Studies

Special study options are designed to add flexibility to the curriculum and to provide professors and students the opportunity to experiment within the limitations of a tight curriculum.

This category includes individual study, special topics, off- campus study (international and otherwise) and community internships. Members of the faculty or students who wish to use this category must obtain the approval of their advisor and Department Head or Dean.