Master of Arts in Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Concentration

Degree Type
Master of Arts

Mission Statement

The Master of Arts in Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Concentration (I/O) at Meredith College prepares graduates to use the methods of scientific psychology to improve the effectiveness of organizations and to improve the work-life quality of employees.

The I/O Psychology program at Meredith College is built on a scientist-practitioner model, and best serves students who wish to enter directly into the workforce upon degree completion.

Meredith College I/O Psychology graduates will be prepared to:

  • Contribute meaningfully to the execution and delivery of complex projects that include a wide range of skills necessary (e.g. analytical skills, knowledge of various methodologies)
  • Develop trust and strong collaborative relationships with team members, leadership and clients
  • Deliver effective presentations and briefings to senior management and/or customers
  • Demonstrate that project work adds value to the organization
  • Work through ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Maintain composure under pressure

Program of Study

The I/O Psychology program at Meredith College is a two- year master’s degree culminating with an intensive internship in the final year. The sequence of courses and applied experience is designed to develop students as scientist- practitioners who enter the field ready to make a difference in the industries and organizations they serve.

Strong collaborative relationships with the vibrant industries represented in the Research Triangle provide rich opportunities for internships and future employment opportunities for our graduates. Courses are taught across both Meredith’s research-focused Psychology curriculum and our AACSB accredited Business program to provide students with the skills, application and confidence to succeed.

Three Electives from the Following:

PSYG-613: Repeatable course. May take more than one topic course and have it count toward the degree.

Other MBA or relevant courses may be taken at the approval of the program director. 

Course #
Sub-Total Credits

One of the Following Capstone Experiences:

Course #
Sub-Total Credits

Or two additional courses not taken from the above sections. This option and the courses must be approved by the I/O MA Program Director. Courses not from the PSYG or MBA designation may be used if approved by the Program Director.

Total Credits