The Meredith College community is dedicated to core values drawn from Meredith’s mission and heritage, including its founding as a women’s college by North Carolina Baptists. The values serve as the foundation for our programs, our interactions with each other, and our outreach beyond the campus:

  • Integrity...upholding high standards of truth and personal honor;
  • Intellectual freedom...fostering a spirit of openness and inquiry, and respecting a range of perspectives and voices;
  • Academic excellence...promoting scholarship, innovation, curiosity, intellectual challenge, hard work, and lifelong learning;
  • Responsible global citizenship...contributing positive change through ethical leadership and civic engagement;
  • Personal development...seeking intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth through structured and individual learning and experience;
  • Religious diversity...avowing the College’s Christian heritage while respecting all faiths and spiritual beliefs; and
  • Relevance...meeting society’s needs by educating students in programs that prepare them for the future.