Withdrawals/Leaves of Absence

If a student withdraws, is dismissed, or is granted a leave of absence from Meredith before the end of a semester, they are responsible for the following percentage of the full semester tuition:

First through the 5th day of the semester


6th through 10th day of the semester


11th through 20th day of the  semester


After 20th day of the semester


Any refund due will be mailed from the accounting office to the student upon receipt of an official withdrawal notification from the student’s Graduate Program or an official leave of absence notification from the Office of the Registrar.

Course fees are 100% refundable through drop/add. After the last day to drop a course (as indicated in the academic calendar), there is no refund.

If a student does not officially withdraw within 60 days of last class attendance, the student forfeits the right to any adjustments to the charges. See the Registration and Course Credit section for how to effect an official withdrawal.

Students who are receiving financial assistance from federal programs will have any refund determined according to federal policy. Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information at finaid@meredith.edu.