EDUG-635: Introduction to the Gifted Individual

Class Program
Credits 3
Instructional Method

What is 'giftedness?' What are the major social, cultural and historical forces that have influenced the definition of this concept over time? What sources are responsible for producing--in an individual--those characteristics that result in that person being labeled a 'gifted individual?" Given what we now know, how should we identify gifted individuals? Should the development of persons as 'gifted individuals' be supported? What kinds of things can be done--in schools and elsewhere--to support the development of gifted individuals? Who should be responsible for the development of gifted individuals and how well are we doing in providing this support? These questions, and the answers to them, are all very important to persons who care about gifted individuals--and who may want to help in their development. All of these questions will be addressed in some depth in the context of this course. 

Semester Offered