EDUG-637: Differentiation for the Academically/Intellectually Gifted Learner

Class Program
Credits 3
Instructional Method

This course is designed to give practicing teachers the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for teaching academically/intellectually gifted learners in diverse settings. Because today's classrooms are increasingly diverse and inclusive, teachers must be able to identify and accommodate a range of learner needs, including those of gifted learners. Participants in this course will develop skill in using a variety of models and strategies to effectively respond to the particular learning needs of the gifted. Building on the knowledge and skills attained in the Models and Methods course and using widely-held standards for the effective teaching of gifted learners (CEC-NAGC Initial Knowledge & Skill Standards for Gifted and Talented Education), participants will analyze and evaluate lessons and units designed for use with the gifted. They will also create and teach standards-based lessons and units that demonstrate their understanding and effective use of instructional and management strategies recommended as appropriate for gifted learners. 

Required Prerequisites
Semester Offered